Bugtopia Terms & Conditions


1. Hands must be clean and washed with water only before entering Bugtopia. No Hand Sanitiser.

2a. No outside food or drink* is to be brought on site.
2b. No food or drink* is to be taken into Bugtopia.

3. There is no smoking on site once entered in through the main building. Smoking is only permitted in the car park area.

4. No running on site.

5a. No dogs or other animals are allowed on site without prior consent of the management.
5b. Please inform a member of staff if you have been in contact with any reptiles on the day of your visit.

6. Do not feed any of the animals on site, without the expressed permission of a member of staff.

The welfare and safety of our animals is paramount, and we want everyone to have an enjoyable session, so we ask you to follow the below rules throughout the Meet & Greet talk.

7a. All customers must remain seated unless instructed otherwise by the Bugtopia Keeper.
7b. All customers must remain quiet whilst inside Bugtopia, especially when the Keeper is talking.

8. All animals are to be handled as instructed by the the Bugtopia Keeper.

9. Please put all phones in 'Silent Mode' upon entry and throughout the session.

10. Do not bang or tap on the enclosures, or do any other action that may cause stress, discomfort or harm to the animals.

11. Young children need to be supervised by an adult at all times.

12. Please be respectful to all customers who are taking part in the Meet & Greet session, as well as the Bugtopia Keeper and other staff members.

13. All instructions given by the Bugtopia Keeper or other members of staff must be followed.

14. Upon leaving Bugtopia, please Sanitise hands using Hand Sanitiser or Anti-Bacterial soap.

Failure to adhere to these Terms & Conditions may result in your removal from Bugtopia or the entire premises.

The Management holds no responsibility for any injuries or afflictions that may occur on site or during the Bugtopia sessions. Management reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone, and to remove anyone from the Bugtopia session at any time. *with the exception of baby food, formula & water.