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Meet Santa and Yowie the Abominable Snowman

Every Year Greentrunks Bugtopia brings the magic of Christmas alive and this season is no different!

This year Santa and Yowie are busy preparing for the Christmas season. Meet Yowie the Abominable Snowman who loves snowball fights after you have helped him make them. He calls them yum yums as he likes to eat them HO HO HO.

  Santa is in his  cosy Cottage waiting to see all the Children ,  Reading letters and checking his list for who has been naughty or nice. 

Mrs Claus is visiting on 21st December at 4.45pm-5.30pm to bake cookies with the Children and read them a Christmas Story while they enjoy cookies and milk. tickets online.

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Why is Santa at Greentrunks Garden Centre you may ask
by Santa Claus

Well when Joe the Bugman was a little boy he kept the spirit of Christmas so well one year he wrote me the sweetest letter saying that when he grew up he wanted to be me. Last year as i was working in my workshop i glimpsed at my globe as i often do just to see how everyone is getting on. I saw Jozef with his head in his hands saying that he couldn't find a Santa that was good enough for Greentrunks Garden Centre because they needed to be just like me the real Father Christmas and that he hadn't got a jelly belly or a beard yet so couldn't pretend to be me. He looked so sad as he sat with Natalie discussing what he was going to do and that he was slowly giving up any prospect of finding "a man that looked like Santa".

Mrs Claus came in with my morning glass of hot milk and Cinnamon and i told her how sad little Joe was (i always call the believers 'little' as they keep the magic of Christmas in their heart). Well to my surprise Mrs Claus said "you must do something Santa, you do so much but there's no reason why you can't go to Greentrunks and still get home in time for Christmas eve". HO HO HO how was i going to get to Greentrunks with out telling Jozef who i was. That night we had a special meeting of The Elves commitee and we hatched a plan. If Joe was going to think he had found a good enough Santa he would have to think that he had found him himself so our plan was conceived, we would watch and wait for the right moment and i would walk past Joe , if he recognised me and still had enough Christmas magic left inside him he would find me i just had to be near him. 

The Elves devised a Joe monitor to watch his every move, it was excellent, we put a big monitor on the workshop wall and while all the Elves went about their busy day, Bernard sat on his super duper executive wooden swivel chair (because Bernard is Super Duper HO HO HO) eating candy canes and EXCLAIMING EVERY SECOND .... "any minute Santa, any minute now" well we started to realize that Jozef was never alone, he was always busy and hrs passed into days and days passed into weeks until finally on November 17th we got our chance. Joe and Natalie were sat in their car both worried that they hadn't found their Santa and what were they going to do he was watching everyone pass by so i took my chance .....The moment all the Elves and Mrs Claus and I had been waiting for!!!.
Bernard was Swivelling round and round on his Super Duper executive wooden chair, his arms waving everywhere..... Exclaiming "now Santa ...Now ...GO GO GO . HO HO HO i changed as quick as a flash into my disguise grabbed my bag and Zooooom off i went on the Sleigh and got dropped off in Kettering England, It wasn't one of my best landings i ended up in one of the shops, slap bang in the middle of one of their displays, head first with my feet the only part of me showing as my body was stuck in a mountain of toys!!!! ... i made my excuses brushed my self down and peeked through the window, Joe was still sat in his car THIS WAS THE MOMENT!

 I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder and walked calmly out of the store and down the road. My heart was pounding did he look up ... did he recognise me.. minutes felt like hours steps felt like i'd walked a mile but i couldn't look back. Then above the sound of the cars passing by and the hustle and bustle of people i heard a voice it was shakey at first "Santa ... Santa" Then it got louder i didn't look back i needed Joe to feel that magic to really believe again. I quickened my pace still he shouted "Santa ... Santa" and then it happened "Santa Santa WAIT WAIT ...STOP STOP ...ITS JOE" !!!. I turned round to the biggest smile a man could have it was the best smile i'd seen in years and guess what he said to me as he stood there out of breath holding onto my shoulder........ "I've been looking for you everywhere, your my last chance , Please be my Santa, you have the red bag and everything Santa your fantastic my prayers have been answered, Please , please come to Greentrunks"

I lent forward and whispered in his ear......."Magic happens and prayers are answered when you least expect it, of course i'll be your Santa"
Well we stood and hugged each other like old friends and as Jozef pulled away he caught the twinkle in my eye and it was at that very moment he finally realised that the man he had believed in all his life was stood next to him. A tear of relief trickled from Joes eye and i gave out a Mighty HO HO HO and thats how i came to be at Greentrunks.

So if you believe come and see the magic that happens in Santas workshop. Meet Bernard the head elf and help him to save christmas this year!!!!!!!

To Visit the workshop and meet Santa and Bernard you can book now above!